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News and Activity

Altar arranging during Asalhabuja

During the Ashahabuja and Vassa day celebretion, Monk committee of Wat Pho demonstated the traditional Buddhist altar arranging by Phra Rajdhammasonntorn and Phra Kru Kositveratum, abbot assistants of Wat Pho. Together with other invited schools, we had arranged altars dedicated to Lord Buddha. Many visitors were also interested and captured some memorable photos.

Asalha Buja and Vassa day celebration has started

On 7 July 2014, Wat Pho celebrated the week of Asalha Buja and Vassa day. It was the first time that Wat Pho held the wax melting rite in order to make the candle for the rain seanson retreat.

In this occasion, Phra Raja Dhammavidej, dean of Los Angeles's Monk committee of Thailand, together with Phra Rajwachiraporn delivered the opening ceremony at the temple of Reclining Buddha.

Birthday celebration for our high ranked monks

On 29 June, Phra Rajwachiraporn The director of the represeantative of the abbot of Wat Pho celebrate his 75th  birthday together with high ranked monks and our temples’ staffs. Later on, Phra Kru Vinaitorn Attaporn,abbot’s assistant of Wat Pho also celebrate his 60th birthday on 30 June.

Buddist Sermon on Buddhist Holy day

Every Buddhist Holy day, Wat Pho helds the sermon for all buddhist to participate. This day is the special occasion for all buddhist to practice the percepts and meditation.

Wat Pho welcomed students from Khemasiri Memorial School

Beside Wat Pho being the attraction for foreigner  visitors, this place is also the Buddhist education centre. On 23 June, Khemasiri Memorial School brought 200 students to visit this attraction. Our venerable guide  gave the warm welcome as always