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News and Activity

Invitation to The Celebration of Vesak Day.

     On 1 May 2015, is marked as Vesak day. The monk committee of Wat Pho would organize the event to celebrate the day of the Buddha. The event starts in the morning where you can see the arrangement of Buddhist altar, group chanting competition. After that, at 20.00 the circumambulation starts around the ordination hall. We would like everybody to join.

Students from Chiang Mai University visited Wat Pho.

In the morning of 22 May 2015, students and teachers from Faculty of Education, Chieng Mai University traveled to our temple. This occasion, Phra Maha Udom Panyapo gave his kindness to bring all of our visitors through the history of Wat Pho.

Department of Fine Arts started the restoration of the soles of The Reclining Buddha.


The stunning visual of The Reclining Buddha is the destination that many visitors both Thai and foreigners come and visit Wat Pho.    Since April, there has been a surface crack on the soles of the reclining Buddha which was speculated to be caused by the vibration from the automobile at the front street.

Commemorate 9 months of the funeral of previous abbot.

Since 27 July 2014 until the last day of the cremating rite of Phra Dhammapanyabordee, monk committee led by the abbot had been organizing the merit making dedicated to the previous abbot for 250 days. These are photos concluding all the events during the funeral for our previous abbot’s disciples to commemorate his venerable.

Master from Yuantong temple visited Wat Pho.

In the afternoon of 12 May 2015, Master Chun Fah the abbot of Yuantong temple,the ancient temple from Tang dynasty 1,200 years ago in Kunming Yunan came to Thailand for the commencement ceremony at Mahachulalongkornrajavidlayala University. He visited Wat Pho on the afternoon to witness the historical architecture and arts inside the temple, accompany by his disciples and monks.