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News and Activity

The event dedicated to our founder.

In the morning of 6 April,2015 was the public holiday and “Chakri Dynasty Day” . Wat Pho led by Phra Thep Veeraporn, the abbot of Wat Pho together with the board of King Phra Buddha Yodfa's foundation, with fellow disciples held the merit making dedicated to King RamaI

In the same day, The alumnis and disciples of Wat Pho held the annual conference and 19th “Khao Gon Baht” event so that the member could gather and acknowledge what this group has done the activities and meet their old friends.

Wat Pho invites all for merit making event dedicated to King RamaI

This Monday 6th April,2015 the monk committee of Wat Pho, the board of the king Phra Buddha yodfa's foundation, with deciples held the merit making event dedicated to King Rama I for his greatest deed to built our temple and his contribution to Buddhism. We would like to invite everyone to join the merit making.

His venerable Som Det Phra Maha Rachamangklajarn join the merit making of King Rama III

Every 31th of March  is marked as the birthday of King Nangklao Chao Yu Hua (RamaIII) who ordered the construction of many sections in Wat Pho including The reclining Buddha. For His majesty’s greatest deed to the temple, the monk committee of Wat Pho held the merit making event dedicated to him at the ordination hall,Wat Pho.

Channel 7 shot the documentary of Wat Pho.

On the 30 March 2015, “Ded-Kao-Den” the television news program from Channel 7 (15.00-15.30) came to record the documentary at Wat Pho.

A day at Dhamma Rangsri Buddhist retreat.

These are photos from Dhamma Rangsri Buddhist retreat in the Summer novice ordination this year dedicated to the 60th birthday of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. All 82 novices will continue the practicing until 7 April 2015