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News and Activity

Celebration of the inaugulation of Phra Rajveatee.

On the 5 May, Phra Rajveatee, the abbot assistant, was given the order to be inaugurated as the second in command of the 12th regional monk committee. The current monk committee of Wat Pho came to the congratulation ceremony.

Wat Pho donated for Nepal.

On the 29 April, The monk committee of Wat Pho led by the abbot, Phra Thep Veeraporn and disciples donated 1,068,400 baht for the disaster relieve in Napal. This occasion, Somdeth Phra Rachamanklajarn, act in the position of Supreme Patriarch, gave his kindness to be the representative and accept the donation.

Semester break? visit Wat Pho!

One of the activity during the semester break for kids is historical tour. Wat pho is the temple contains many attraction that interest many visitors. On 29 April, the language institute took 25 students age ranging from 7-10 to see Wat Pho. Phra maha Nopparat gave them the historical tour explaining the importance of this temple in history,arts,culture and Buddhism, in spring the kids to see the beauty of the place.

MEA visited Wat Pho.

In the morning of 28 April 2015, the board and staff from Metropolitan electricity authority led by Mrs. Pinvipa Laisin brought 50 staffs to pay the homage to The Reclining Buddha and listen to the sermon “ways to the success” preached by Phra Maha Pracheon Panyawutto, the abbot assistant of Wat Pho.

The celebration of 54th birthday of Phra Suthithammanuwat.

In the morning of 27 April, Somdet Phra Wannarat,act in place of the abbot of Wat Bowonniwet vihara gave his kindness by attending the celebration of the 54th birthday of Phra Suthithammanuwat. Phra Rajariyaporn,Phra Udonkanarak, Phra Suthithammanuwat with other monks and novices gave his venerable the warm welcome.